The SpeedFit revolution is in full swing in Perth and Sydney, and for good reason: this “smarter workout” uses cutting-edge EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) technology to enhance the benefit of your exercise, getting you fitter faster. In a world of “miracle diets” and “get toned in a week” promises, you may feel skeptical, but the scientific research pans out: EMS has been found effective for back pain, heart health and strength (and of course, as many of our happy clients have found, it doesn’t hurt that it helps you feel more energetic and look great, too!)

“I love SpeedFit. I have been going for over 12 months now. I felt results after the first couple of sessions. 17 kilos down since I started and I feel great.”

– Tania Orr, SpeedFit Perth CBD

It’s also a faster way of getting fit, so you can spend more time with your friends and family, doing the things you love.

At this point you’re probably wondering, why exactly is SpeedFit so effective? Well, we all know the benefits of exercise: for example, stronger muscles, bones and joints; improved mobility; better posture; improved cardiovascular fitness and heart health; weight loss and weight maintenance; improved circulation; and better mental health. 

But while we’re aware that we should be exercising regularly, according to the Heart Foundation most of us simply aren’t doing enough. It’s often a struggle to make the time, and a chore to find a form of exercise that fits into our lifestyles while being enjoyable and actually getting results.

Here are 6 reasons why EMS is an effective, safe and speedy alternative knocking the socks off the traditional gym workout, and why you should join the SpeedFit revolution – you won’t look back!

1. Feel better, and be your best self.

EMS gets serious results! This exciting technology creates an “all-or-nothing” principle: when you use EMS against your skin, your muscle either fully contracts in response, or doesn’t contract at all. It’s easy to tell if your muscle isn’t contracting, so your trainer just turns up the frequency of the current until your muscle does contract. When you’re doing an exercise like a squat, launch or bicep curl, you’re engaging your whole muscle to its full extent, improving the effectiveness of your workout.

In traditional workouts without EMS, you may miss benefits by doing an exercise wrong, or only train part of the muscle because you’re struggling to engage it entirely. You can even create an imbalance between the two sides of the body, leading to painful problems later. These are all very real possibilities of training at a conventional gym.

At SpeedFit, every minute of exercise you do will be intensive, effective, and simply done better.

2. With a stronger body, you can take on anything.

Our sessions are focused on strength training: building and developing muscle for an energetic, healthy you. EMS works towards building longer, leaner, denser muscles instead of developing size or hypertrophy –you’ll be working towards a toned, lean physique.

EMS training is full-body, so can target parts of the body that can be weaker because of the way we move, hormones, genetics, etc. This is particularly helpful for people sitting down all day, who can struggle to target and train their glutes, and often end up with lower back pain and mobility issues. With EMS, your glutes are forced to contract, becoming stronger and more fully engaged whether you’re walking, sitting, standing or climbing stairs.

“My core strength (at 55) is better than it’s ever been. Even managed to show ALL – repeat – ALL of those younger keepers at a goalkeeping clinic run by a former Hockeyroos keeper.”

– John Anderson, Dalkeith (WA)

3. Toned, shaped and lookin’ fab.

Everyone wants to tone or shape at least one area of their body – but what is “toning”, really? It involves building muscle while stripping away fat. As the muscle builds, you begin to see more shape and definition in the area, while the increased muscle mass stimulates circulation and metabolism to assist in the breakdown and elimination of more fat.

You know that EMS builds muscle, but great news: it also boosts circulation, in a huge way! The muscle contraction that EMS provides is so great that your muscle requires a lot of oxygen, so your heart pumps more blood around the body to oxygenate your muscles. This circulation boost also provides nutrients to the area, boosting skin regeneration, improving blood flow, and helping to reduce cellulite/dimpled skin caused by poor circulation.

With EMS, you can target and tone hard-to-train areas, such as the buttocks and thighs, lower back, lower abdominals and backs of the arms.

4. More time for you.

Life is busy! Work, kids, family, friends, housework… Finding time for exercise can be difficult. Conventional gyms require at least an hour, three times a week ongoing to start seeing changes and reach fitness goals.
With SpeedFit, you only need to commit 20 minutes, once a week – it’s easy to find less than half an hour weekly for yourself, your body and your health! Even when things get busy, it’s easy to make SpeedFit a seamless part of your routine, so you can stay fit, healthy and happy.

5. Live life pain-free.

SpeedFit is a low impact exercise workout which is gentle on your joints and tendons, making you less susceptible to injury. Heard the expression “no pain, no gain”? That’s the opposite of SpeedFit: we’ll help you gain better health, not injuries!

Little or no weights are used during a SpeedFit workout, so there’s virtually no strain on your joints and tendons. Instead, your work-out is controlled through EMS. This is revolutionary for those with joint problems or injuries, who conventionally find that exercise can be difficult or aggravate these problems, leading to them (dangerously) avoiding exercise altogether.

“I have a bad back and by doing the strengthening sessions I have been able to build up strength in this area that I haven’t been able to do for years.”

– Jamie Williamson, SpeedFit CBD

As well as less injury risk, EMS is also great for reducing existing aches and pains: you can expect to see an improvement in lower back pain within 3 sessions, and many clients find that the continued contraction and release of muscles assists in the relief of muscle tension. EMS also strengthens the muscles in your lower back, and strengthens your core, helping reduce stress and tension leading to pain and mobility issues in everyday movement.

“SpeedFit has turned my life around. I had an accident in 2003 and fractured my spine. Doctors couldn’t do anything so been living on pain killers until a friend saw an advertisement for SpeedFit. 15 months later no longer taking pain medication… Thank you SpeedFit for giving me my life back.”

– Debbie Howe, SpeedFit Northbridge

You will have a highly qualified trainer instructing you every single step of your workout, ensuring your technique and form are correct. They can even help share knowledge to engage your muscles more effectively outside of your training sessions.

We also accommodate and work around any physical limitations including injuries, weaknesses, lack of mobility, postural misalignments and balance issues.

“Having had a chronic back injury for 25 years, I can hands-down say that SpeedFit is the best exercise program for me. It has maintained my strength and reduced my physio visits, and best of all, it only takes 20mins each week. LOVE SpeedFit!”

– Chris Davies, SpeedFit Claremont

With SpeedFit, you’re in safe hands! Try 3 sessions for only $90.