Why is Magnesium So Vital for Overall Body Function and Performance?

Why is Magnesium so vital for overall body function and performance? Magnesium is required by millions of cells in the body to carry out a range of very important biochemical processes every day. Magnesium is involved in the metabolism and break down of the foods we consume, muscle and nerve function, bone health, nervous system […]

How SpeedFit can help YOU

By Lauren Travers   So you’ve heard about this fitness revolution that uses some kind of weird technology to make you fit in only 20 minutes. Sounds too good to be true right? Well, its not. In today’s blog we will be taking a look at EMS and how it works, who it caters for, […]

Stacey’s Story

Our vision is to see fitness for all, regardless of limitations. In the last 5 years we have had the privilege of working with countless inspiring clients. The SpeedFit brand would not exist without the real results that come out of our 13  studios. We recently have had the pleasure of meeting and working with Stacey […]

What’s On The SpeedFit Supplement Shelf?

Lauren Travers If you have read my last blog post >> check it out here << about supplementing for health, this is a continuation of that delving more specifically into ‘sports’ supplementation, and the products recommended by SpeedFit. We will be looking at what these supplements are, how they work, the benefits they can achieve, […]

Should I Be Supplementing?

Author: Lauren Travers Stepping foot into the supplement aisle of a chemist or supermarket these days can be more than a bit overwhelming. With the myriad of products on display, it can be near on impossible to know where to even start! Let alone the various Sports Supplement stores, Health Food stores and alternative medicine pathways […]

How To Maximise Your SpeedFit Sessions

Author: Lauren Travers So you’ve just finished your SpeedFit session, you probably feel pretty proud, quite exhausted and VERY ready to get those electrodes off! But, what next? How do we truly MAXIMISE the benefits that we receive from our SpeedFit training, and what can we do to further accelerate our results. Before your session […]

Instant Meal Prep Ideas

Author: Lauren Travers   Meal Prep! It’s one of those things that we all wish we had more time for, yet many of us struggle to prioritise fitting meal prepping in to our busy schedules. The idea of ready-made, healthy lunches sitting in your fridge is certainly an inspiring one, but we often associate this […]

SpeedFit Award Winners

As we continue our journey into 2019, we want to celebrate our 2018 SpeedFit Staff Award Winners. Our annual awards are announced at our Christmas Party & aim to recognise those staff members who epitomise the SpeedFit core values & strive for greatness every day.  We checked in with the recipients once their win had […]

The Lowdown On… Fasting

Lauren Travers Something that you all will have heard about, and many of you may have tried is fasting. Whether it be 24 hour fasts, intermittent fasting, water fasts, juice fasts, 3-day fasts, morning fasts etc, the principles and goals behind each are similar in nature. So let’s discuss the variations of fasting, why it […]

What Is Metabolism & How Does It Effect Weight Loss?

Lauren Travers Metabolism & Weight Loss Is your metabolism the reason you can’t lose weight? Or possibly, the reason you can’t put on bulk and size? You’ve probably heard people blame their weight on a slow metabolism before, but what does that really mean? And if it IS the culprit, what can we do to […]

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