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Introducing our fave Clean Plant Protein from Body Science

We are so excited to stop Body Science’s new Clean Plant Protein! Body Science were always sure their Clean Vegan Protein was the best plant-based protein powder in Australia, with the highest quality ingredients, great taste, and no nasties. So why did they decide to change? Well, think of it as an upgrade rather than […]

What the heck is EMS?

By Bachar Skayni If you haven’t heard about EMS training – you are missing out on one of the most efficient and trending training methods available within the fitness industry! SpeedFit has been taking the Australian market by storm and the feedback is pretty amazing. But where did this technology come from? What is it […]

The 8 Week Challenge Results Are In!

Congratulations to the hundreds of people in Perth and Sydney who challenged themselves to better health and fitness through low-impact EMS training! The 8 Week Challenge results are in, and of course in a sense you’re all winners: in terms of making a commitment to exercise, fitness and being the best that you can be. […]

The Science of SpeedFit’s EMS Training

You may have heard of the EMS training fitness revolution sweeping the globe, and been curious about trying it yourself. Here at SpeedFit, our cutting-edge, low-impact smarter workout using EMS training has been featured on Channel 7’s Today Tonight and Channel 9 News, giving thousands of Australians a deeper, more effective workout than conventional gym […]

How SpeedFit helps reduce back pain

Did you know that 90% of Australians will suffer from back pain at some time in their lives? For many of us, it can be a daily debilitating burden that reduces our quality of life, making it difficult to enjoy the things we love: from hiking in the bush to gardening in our backyards. Spending […]

5 Hacks to Fit Exercise Into Your Work Week

Sad but true: most Australians aren’t getting enough exercise, and one of the biggest reasons people don’t exercise regularly is a lack of one of life’s most precious resources: time. Many of us live sedentary lifestyles, spending our days sitting down in front of desks, and struggle to find bubbles of “me time” to devote […]

5 Reasons to Choose SpeedFit

The SpeedFit revolution is in full swing in Perth and Sydney, and for good reason: this “smarter workout” uses cutting-edge EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) technology to enhance the benefit of your exercise, getting you fitter faster. In a world of “miracle diets” and “get toned in a week” promises, you may feel skeptical, but the […]

Is Whey Protein or Collagen Powder Best for You?

Is there a difference between collagen powder and whey protein powder, and how do you choose which is the best for you? Though protein and collagen powder are both made up of amino acids they can serve different purposes in the body. Protein is made up of amino acids building blocks with different amino acids […]

Monthly Moves and Why?

Hey SpeedFit Fam! So as some of you have seen there have been a few subtle changes going around in the studios in the last month! You may have seen the addition of a few new exercises, a couple of partner challenges and also some extra items, yes? In recent months I have wanted to […]

Why is Magnesium So Vital for Overall Body Function and Performance?

Why is Magnesium so vital for overall body function and performance? Magnesium is required by millions of cells in the body to carry out a range of very important biochemical processes every day. Magnesium is involved in the metabolism and break down of the foods we consume, muscle and nerve function, bone health, nervous system […]

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