At SpeedFit, we believe everyone has the right to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

As someone living with diabetes, you may feel overwhelmed and even a little anxious about exercising. We understand the unique challenges you face; that’s why our expert instructors are not just knowledgeable about fitness but also deeply educated in diabetes management. In every one of our studios across Australia, you will find safe, supportive exercise environments with dedicated trainers ready to inspire a worry free fitness journey.


From our instructors to our studios, SpeedFit is equipped to manage the fitness of adults living with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. We worked with Diabetes Australia to provide a supportive and safe environment through the following;

  • Our instructors are educated and qualified in managing the fitness of people with diabetes to the Australian exercise and training standards.
  • Our studios are equipped with emergency kits containing slow and fast release carbohydrates that can be quickly accessed in the case of a hypo episode. 
  • Our instructors will complete a risk assessment before your first session, ensuring it is safe to train you.
  • Our studios have plenty of space for you to sit and check diabetes devices before and after training, as well as keep them close when exercising.
  • During the session, our instructors can assist in monitoring your BGLs
  • Fitness sessions offer privacy and comfort with a maintained ratio of one trainer to two clients so you don’t have to worry about feeling nervous or self-conscious in the event of a hypo episode.

Take control of your fitness and health

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    State-of-the-art technology

    SpeedFit combines the latest technology of electro muscular stimulation with the best personal training methods to create safe, highly effective, and personalised workouts tailored to individual fitness levels. The EMS technology activates your body’s muscles through electrical pulses. These pulses reach deeper fibres and activate several muscle groups simultaneously, requiring less time spent working out. Fast, fun and effective, you can condense your weekly exercise into just one 20-minute session.

    Benefits of EMS


    Sculpt Your Body


    Build and Strengthen Muscles


    Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation


    Improve Your Health and Wellbeing


    Improve Your Posture


    Reduce Cellulite

    Proudly partnering with The Diabetes Kitchen

    The Diabetes Kitchen prepares delicious, 
nutritionist-designed, carb-controlled ready-made meals, delivered across Australia. Uniquely crafted for people 
living with diabetes, their menu offers low-carb, low-salt, 
low-sugar options approved by dietitians for breakfast, lunch, or dinner – either individually or as part of a tailored meal plan.

    Enjoy the convenience of tasty, light, and easy meals that will make mealtimes simpler. The Diabetes Kitchen is proudly Australian-owned, using local ingredients, and providing gluten-free, lactose-free, and vegetarian options.

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