For all you busy mums out there that can’t afford to spend 4hours or more every week at the gym, keep reading. I have news for you that will make you reevaluate all you think you know about fitness.

Imagine a fitness program that is equivalent to 4 hours at a gym, but only requires you to attend one or two 20minute sessions weekly. Imagine a gentle, yet incredibly effective training program that combines personal fitness training with the most advanced EMS (electro-muscle stimulation) technology available. Imagine a program where you can strengthen your muscles, tone up, lose weight and even reduce cellulite and alleviate back pain, and all this without putting stress on your joints & ligaments as most other forms of training do. And last but not least, imagine a fitness club that allows you to stay within arms reach of your child while you’re working off those post pregnancy extra kilos & strengthening your core & pelvic floor muscles. Now imagine that SpeedFit can offer you all this, right here, right now. Seriously!

SpeedFit combines EMS & personal training to bring you the world’s most effective workout. Whole body EMS training is becoming a phenomenon in Europe, Asia & South America. There are now at least 2000 gyms overseas where you can come across this form of training, and the number is still growing. In Australia, there are currently only a handful of places that work with this breakthrough training method and two of them are right here in Perth (Northbridge & Claremont).

Our clients can make a use of fully equipped private change rooms (shower with body wash, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, body lotion, hair dryer & straightener as well as a few other extras that make it all so easy to fit SpeedFit training into your schedule). You literally don’t need to bring anything with you. You will even get your exercise garments & a towel from us, electrolyte drink before & protein shake after your workout, and there’s even a kids corner for your little ones to play at while you exercise (they will be no more than 3-4 meters away from you and in your sight at all times). We can even play them a dvd on our X-box/TV set, so kids of all ages will find something to entertain them during your short, 20 minute workout.

Still in doubt whether SpeedFit really is worth your try? Here’s what Bridget, a mother 2 (Poppy is 4 & Charlie 1 years old) has to say about her SpeedFit experience:

“I started Speedfit 6 weeks after having my second daughter, and after reading up about what is involved, and the science behind the concept, I was pretty much sold! That was 4 months ago and I am sooooo impressed with the results I have achieved from 1-2 sessions per week! I am already back into my pre-pregnancy jeans (*doing a little happy dance right now).

As a working mum of two little ladies, Speedfit fits into my busy life perfectly…. I have my weekly session booked in, I can rock up in whatever clothes I am wearing, do my work out, and then shower and I am out the door to get on with whatever I have on that day. It is the PERFECT work out for busy mums! And the fact I can bring my girls with me too is such a selling point… you wouldn’t find many gyms that would rock your 5 month old baby to sleep while you work out (thanks Roland!! 🙂

The Northbridge studio is so central and easy to get to, and I have also just visited the Claremont studio and LOVED the fact I could have a little wonder around Claremont Quarters after my work out!! (very dangerous!!)

The trainers are AWESOME! They are so encouraging, especially when I was first starting out and could hardly do 3 ab crunches in a row! They push you so you achieve the results… and I can honestly say I am so happy with the weight loss and overall toning I have achieved so far. My biggest surprise was how much stronger I am at every day things, things that would usually leave me with aching muscles the next day, I can now do with ease!

All I can say is JOIN SPEEDFIT NOW!! You wont regret it!!! ”

We will just add that Bridget is not only a caring mother but also an entrepreneur and manages it all brilliantly. Just have a look at how amazing her work is at

We hope to see you at SpeedFit soon, so you can start enjoying the benefits of the world’s most effective workout, now available in Perth!

Your SpeedFit team!