Did you know that 90% of Australians will suffer from back pain at some time in their lives? For many of us, it can be a daily debilitating burden that reduces our quality of life, making it difficult to enjoy the things we love: from hiking in the bush to gardening in our backyards.

Spending your days stuck to a desk? Heavy lifting at work? Aches and pains of growing older? “Text neck” from too much Instagram? Our bodies have evolved for quite different patterns of movement from the modern day-to-day, and we’re more sedentary than previous generations, while our increased average weight leads to muscle strain – a recipe for soreness!

Research shows that exercise is the best way to reduce pain levels. Many people with back problems are reluctant to exercise, often with good reason: some exercises can aggravate back pain and even cause lasting injury. Plenty of injuries happen at the gym, particularly if your form is off, the exercise is high-impact or your exercise routine isn’t suited to your body’s needs.

But not exercising is NOT the solution: doing the right kind of exercise is. However, finding out exactly what that means for you, and minimising injury risk, can be a prohibitively arduous and expensive process. And so the cycle of pain continues.

Here’s how Speedfit can change all that.

1. We’ll be there for you.

You may have splashed out for many a physiotherapy session in your life just to bring home a sheet of “homework” that ends up untouched because the exercises are so confusing. SpeedFit isn’t like that: our trainers work very closely with you to keep your form on point throughout your session, reducing risk from moving your body the wrong way during exercises. We can also offer you helpful advice on exercises you can do at home too.

2. Effective exercise with EMS.

Lifestyle changes are hard to make at the best of times and slogging away for hours a week in the gym just to end up even sorer in the end can be very demotivating. SpeedFit is a fast, effective and low-impact “smarter” workout, using low-impact EMS technology while you train so that you get more from your workout in only 20 minutes a week, giving your body more time to regenerate in between sessions.

3. Muscle strengthening, done better.

Having trouble contracting that hard-to-find muscle? We can help with that, too!

One of the great things about EMS is its ability to intensify a muscle’s contraction externally, by applying electrodes onto the skin right above the muscle. The continual contraction and release of the muscles through the EMS machine often helps break the vicious pain cycle in muscles, resulting in less back pain. Your muscle either fully contracts in response, or doesn’t contract at all. It’s easy to tell if your muscle isn’t contracting, so your trainer just turns up the frequency of the current until your muscle does contract.

Additionally, the increased strength and stability brought about by EMS training improves posture, enhances the ability to move well, gives more energy and an all-round better quality of life.

In traditional workouts, you may miss benefits or even cause harm by doing an exercise wrong. With EMS, you can get the right results, faster.

4. We want you to live pain-free.

When it comes to workouts, SpeedFit is a game-changer: a low-impact workout that is suitable for most pain problems. An EMS workout doesn’t just reduce risk of injury: it can also help you to overcome it. The scientific research pans out too: researchers at the University of Bayreuth found that 89% of the participants in their study, noticed a reduction in back pain, 39% of whom said that the reduction was drastic.

A stronger, healthier and pain-free body isn’t just a pipe dream, with EMS we can help you turn it into your reality, with only 20 minutes once a week.

Now you know how SpeedFit can help reduce your risk of exercise injuries while improving your physical condition and strength to help you recover from back pain, we’d love it if you’d come down to one of our many Perth and Sydney studios. Give our fast, effective and low-impact exercise workouts a try!

Learn more about what we do and how we do it, contact us today for a free consult, or check out our current promotions. And you don’t need to take our word for it – check out how SpeedFit helped reduce pain and change the lives of Rae & Ken, Linda Jane and many more!

We’re looking forward to being part of your journey to being pain-free!