Look better, move better, feel better.

SpeedFit EMS training can help dramatically improve your posture. EMS deeply activates your essential stabilising and postural muscles around your spine, pelvis, shoulder girdle, knees and feet.

Improving strength is important for more than just looking good and maintaining a healthy weight. Strengthening the appropriate muscles (particularly your stabilisers) can help improve your posture and your spinal health, giving your tight, overworked muscles a chance to relax and let go so that you can enjoy greater movement and less pain.

Posture exercises to counteract a sedentary life

Life is way too sedentary for many of us. After sleep, we sit and eat breakfast, commute to work in a seated position, sit all day at a desk – only to drive home to sit and eat and perhaps watch television. Exercise activities are brief, and even regular walks fail to strengthen and stabilise all our muscles adequately.

SpeedFit EMS training is performed standing, so your body is in a series of natural, weight-bearing positions that are ideal for postural correction. While wearing your bodysuit with the TENS machines attached to your body, you’ll go through a series of static exercises, which help activate your deep postural muscles as well as your larger, more superficial muscles.

Best of all, SpeedFit EMS training is so effective you only need one session per week to gain good results.

Back & torso stability exercises

To stabilise the torso and spine, the transverse abdominis, internal and external obliques and deep stabilisers of the spine, such as multifidus are activated. The gluteus medius, gluteus maximus, quads, adductors and hamstrings are all activated to help stabilise and support the trunk. Additionally, muscles of the shoulder girdle are recruited to stabilise the shoulder area.

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