Congratulations to the hundreds of people in Perth and Sydney who challenged themselves to better health and fitness through low-impact EMS training! The 8 Week Challenge results are in, and of course in a sense you’re all winners: in terms of making a commitment to exercise, fitness and being the best that you can be.

We’ve seen some incredible results over the last 8 weeks, and we’re excited to share some stories with you of our 8 Week Challenge winners, and how SpeedFit has changed for the better. If you’re inspired by their success, why not join us for our upcoming 8 Week Challenge? In only two 20-minute sessions, twice a week, you can achieve great things for your fitness level and your overall health and fitness through SpeedFit: a cutting-edge, low-impact smarter workout.

So, what is the 8 Week Challenge anyway?

Glad you asked! We’ve just finished an 8 Week Challenge, an accelerated program designed for busy people who want to achieve visible results—getting toned, fit and healthy—and keeping their enthusiasm up this summer. Challengers completed one low-impact 20-minute workout a week and received a bunch of goodies to keep inspired and on track.

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Kylie’s pain-free and from size 14 to 8!

Kylie, Duncraig Winner

Kylie has suffered from sciatica for a few years, and her doctor recommended low-impact exercises; the very same day, SpeedFit popped up on her Facebook, and we’re delighted she made a decision that has made her slimmer, pain-free and looking & feeling fab.

“I hurt my back at work this year it was so painful I couldn’t even walk around the block. I booked in (SpeedFit) because it was low impact; after the first session I was almost pain-free; a week later, I did my second session and was pain-free. Hallelujah!”

At this time, Kylie learned about the 8 Week Challenge and thought it’d be perfect to get her fitness back up. “So the challenge began. I met my trainer Ciaran; he knew how to push my limits and after 8 weeks of him kicking my butt I went from a size 14 work pants to a size 8. I haven’t been a size 8 since before I was 20yo, I’m now 50yo. Now, I run to the beach, go out dancing, and I’m enjoying life. Thanks SpeedFit and Ciaran at Duncraig!”

Great results for time-poor Suzey

Suzey G, Osborne Park winner

Suzey works full-time plus, so she’s time-poor, and found committing to the 8 Week Challenge daunting at first. She soon “looked forward to my sessions with the instructors, whom I put down to my success. They always have a friendly greeting at the door and with their guidance, encouragement and positivity, my sessions are done.”

Suzey was pleasantly surprised after discovering she could fit into unused favourite clothing in her wardrobe, and “although I did not lose a great deal of weight, I certainly made up for it in centimetres! I will be continuing on at SpeedFit.”

Congratulations, Suzey! We can’t wait to continue your fitness journey with you.

Challenge accepted!

Dave, Cloisters Square Winner

Dave had completed only two sessions at SpeedFit before he signed up for 8 Week Challenge. He suffers from occasional bursitis in his left shoulder, and joined the challenge so that he could increase his motivation and change to a healthier lifestyle (and so his clothing would fit better!). During the challenge, he drank no alcohol and ate no junk food or unhealthy snacks, and he supplemented his SpeedFit sessions with a bit of walking and hiking around in the great outdoors.

He’s achieved such great improvement in the last 8 weeks. Well done, Dave!

Meet the winners nationwide

Without further ado, we’d like to introduce the National Winner of the 8 Week Challenge: Tina Maney, from our Morley Studio! Tina lost an incredible 10kg, with a 3.1% reduction in body fat, and a total waist diameter loss of 24cm. Great #fitnessgoals job, Tina – you’ve inspired so many SpeedFitters by showing us what’s possible!

Hi my name is Tina and this is my story,
I walked into SpeedFit Morley at the end of December, I was unfit, unhealthy very overweight and I also had a severe knee problem and back pain.
After my first session I knew then that I was hooked and the team made it easy with no judgement only support and encouragement all the way.
It has been a long road with ups and downs to get to where I am today.
I soon realised that SpeedFit were taking care of the exercise part so I had to work on other aspects of my health,so I went to a Naturopath and she gave me what my body was lacking and the last part Diet or I like to call it Lifestyle was completely up to me. I have been loose keto for a while now so I decided to fully commit and I went Paleo/ Keto as that suited me better.
This is the hardest part because you are responsible for what goes in your mouth.
Since putting these 3 things into practise I have lost 37 kilo, I no longer have knee pain or back pain I look and feel like a new person.
I hope that by sharing my story it will give you the encouragement to start your own journey.
SpeedFit is by far the best workout/exercise regime I have ever done in only 20 minutes a week.
I would like to thank my awesome trainers Liv, Mike and Izzy I couldn’t have done it without you.
You guys rock.

You’ve heard the stories of a few of our winners, now we’d like to introduce the rest to inspire you in your fitness goals!

Congratulations to all our winners on taking the time to do something for yourself, kicking goals and acquiring fitness habits that will serve you well in the future.


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