Meet Grant, a teacher and father of three who has been training at our Kotara studio since June 2021.

Since starting with SpeedFit, Grant has lost a whopping 10.7kgs, gained 3.8kg of muscle mass and decreased his bio age from 40 to 37. 

Why does Grant love SpeedFit?

‘Between work and family life, time is a very precious commodity! What I love about SpeedFit is the convenience that the sessions bring, while at the same time providing me with a workout that would normally have taken me a couple days at the gym to do. Not only have I seen some amazing results through my body scans, my energy and fitness levels have increased substantially, which allows me to keep up with the kids!”

I feel so much stronger in general, which has helped me to overcome lower back and leg pain and do things like throwing my kids around in the pool. I’ve also met and made great like-minded friends by just being a part of the studio. The trainers are excellent, the vibe is great and I have had nothing but an overall 11/10 experience.”

When asked what would you say to someone who is thinking about trying SpeedFit, Grant says that “as the Nike slogan says, ‘Just Do It’. Don’t hold back or make excuses about why you can’t! Jump in, have a go and let the results do the talking. No matter how long you have been attending the sessions they never get repetitive, there’s always something new that you can do! You won’t regret it.’

Want to see the numbers for yourself? Check out the results of his EVOLT Body Scan below!