Meet Riz and Sandrine, proud franchise owners of SpeedFit Cockburn and Baldivis, Western Australia. After making waves as franchisors in the beauty industry, they transitioned into the fitness sector, bringing their business acumen and passion for an active lifestyle.

Prior to joining the SpeedFit Network as franchise owners, Riz and Sandrine were early adopters of EMS training at our Northbridge location. SpeedFit’s signature quick and simple training philosophy aligned perfectly with their busy lifestyle. As keen investors, Riz and Sandrine began looking for local business ventures. Having developed a relationship with founder Matej Varhalik as SpeedFit enthusiasts for several years, they decided to take the leap and bought their first studio in Cockburn!

They immediately saw the value in SpeedFit’s comprehensive business model, with a transparent financial structure and robust support for day-to-day operations and marketing initiatives. They flourished so well under this model that they later decided to open a second studio in Baldivis!

Transitioning from the beauty industry to fitness, Riz and Sandrine have experienced a shift in their daily responsibilities. While their previous roles in beauty often required significant time “on the floor” and management of larger teams, SpeedFit offers a closer dynamic, allowing them to engage with their members and develop a small team as a tight-knit unit.

Riz and Sandrine aren’t just proud business owners – they’re proud parents! They lead an active lifestyle with their 12-year-old daughter, prioritising exercise and healthy living. Riz enjoys kitesurfing, while Sandrine indulges in horse riding, and they both share a love for regular padel games with friends.

The switch to Symbiont is exciting for Riz and Sandrine. This upgrade provides them with yet another opportunity to show their commitment to providing top-notch experiences and staying at the forefront of the fitness industry. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Riz and Sandrine, and look forward to their continued contribution to the SpeedFit network!

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~Published February 2024.