Hey SpeedFit Fam!

So as some of you have seen there have been a few subtle changes going around in the studios in the last month! You may have seen the addition of a few new exercises, a couple of partner challenges and also some extra items, yes? In recent months I have wanted to find ways to challenge our clients and also the SpeedFit coaches. For so long we have found our routine to be an effective and efficient routine that target’s all the aspects of movement we want to achieve. Yet with any rhythm and routine, a sense of monotony had come across myself and a few of the staff and also our ever loyal client’s, which left questions to be answered..

DO I stray from the routine, something I know works, a formula that has shown it’s worth? DO I create a new routine and spend the time relearning the movements again? DO I need to let the team create their own movement’s every session, every day and lose our brand continuity? What is everyone else in the EMS Industry doing?

At the end of the day, the most important aspect to be addressed is the client’s satisfaction. Did I do enough to challenge the client and show value to them in their workout?

My first thought was progression. What is the next progression of the movement catalogue we have? The easiest option was just challenging the movements we have by changing the target outcome. An example, our abdominal exercises focus on trunk flexion or ‘crunching’ the abs. But why not focus on the opposite movement? Why not focus on rotation? Why not focus on stopping rotation against a resistance?

A simple change in thought process allowed me to target the movements in a different capacity and whilst the movements where something the clients and staff knew, the movement was still fresh in its delivery.

So if you have been around the ground’s checking in on the studios you would’ve noticed we have added in a few new movements and we also have added in the sliding disc’s and soft balls! Exciting I know.

The reason we have incorporated these movements is to provide flair and spice to the workouts for our client’s. It will also challenge our Coaches to deliver progression for the client’s and hopefully for you all to wonder what is next, what is new? Could I give you a reason to not miss a workout?

So as a refresher we have the exercises listed below:


  • Chest Squeeze w Soft Ball:
    • This movement is focused as a pressing movement and really looks at chest/shoulder/arm activation. Great to use in conjunction with your posture if you focus on correct scapula placement.
  • Adductor Ball Squeeze w Squat
    • Great variation of a sissy squat and to use this movement as a means of getting more adductor activation to work the inner thighs!
  • Oblique Crunch w Ball
    • This movement will focus on increasing more oblique activation by adding in more rotational trunk work. It can also activate more of the back and lats if tucked in correctly.
  • Reverse and Lateral Sliding Lunge
    • The sliding discs allow you to challenge the stability of your hip and knee joints during this movement as it will focus on increasing time under tension as the movements need to be done with correct technique but also provide stability of the weight bearing knee.

The balls where an easy addition because we do so much work with our hands together so adding in the balls allowed us to create extra resistance in these pressing movements. The great thing about the balls is that you can press them as hard as you need to and still find extra muscle activation and resistance. The balls are here to stay and we hope you have enjoyed them as much as we have delivering them. Have you tried the slam ball variation we added in?

So, as we move through the quarters it’s a strong focus of mine to keep challenging you as clients and find more ways to help with your progression to achieve your goals. All we can say is watch this space and make sure you’re coming down to the studios to see what it is we are doing!

If you have any comment’s to make or feedback to give, please forward it to your Studio Manager’s or to my email afiq@speedfit.com.au

Keep working smarter not harder!

Afiq Jackson

National Training Manager