our fitness plans

Each of our personal training plan prices are weekly

Casual Membership

$ 79
  • 1x 20-minute session per week at any SpeedFit studio in Aus
  • Complimentary Body Scan and Nutritional Seminar
  • Month to month membership

Flexi 30

$ 69
  • 30 Session Pack
  • Everything in the Casual PLUS...
  • 3x VIP Guest Passes for Friends/Family
  • To be used nine months from purchase date

Lifestyle Membership

$ 59
  • Everything in the Casual PLUS...
  • 5x VIP Guest Passes for Friends/Family
  • 12 Week Membership Freeze
  • 52 Week Term

two week trial

See If SpeedFit is right for you with our 2-week trial offer

Package includes:

  • 2 x 20-minute SpeedFit Personal Training sessions booked weekly with a 3 month expiry
  • Introductory goals and health consult with Certified SpeedFit Trainer
  • Pre and post workout supplements
  • Complimentary garment hire for the duration of your trial 
  • Welcome pack 


Frequently Asked Questions

Generally speaking, EMS training is suitable for most of the general population. That being said, due to the niche training service we provide, certain health conditions are contraindicated and will need medical clearance from a Specialist or General Practitioner.

As per most Fitness and Allied Health Professionals, a medical questionnaire will be provided to a client prior to commencement of their training session via email or in studio.

At SpeedFit, our duty of care to clients is our upmost priority so we encourage clients to be open and honest with any or all medical queries or conditions at present, past and future.

Certain Contraindications and their associated risk pathology:

  • Cardiac Pacemakers: (Risk of Polarity associated with Modern Day Pacemakers)
  • Pregnancy
  • Type II Diabetes : (Risk of Neuropathy / Hypoglycemic Shock) (Enquire for more information)
  • Inguinal / Abdominal Hernia : (Risk of Increase Intra-Abdominal Pressure)
  • Tumours: (Risk to Metamize)
  • Advanced Arteriosclerosis: (Risk of Acute Thrombotic Seals)
  • Severe/Advanced Neurological Disorders: (Risk of Neuropathy – Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis etc.)
    Acute Bacterial Infections or Fever
  • Haemophilia
  • Severe / Arterial Circulatory Disorder

Please consult your Medical Practitioner or Specialist if any of the above Contraindications apply to you to receive medical approval and documentation before commencing your SpeedFit Journey. If you are unsure feel free to contact us for further information and details.

  • High-intensity training with low/minimal impact on joints and tendons
  • Whole-body EMS stimulation helps reduce time it takes to effectively stimulate your body to produce desired results
  • Training with qualified SpeedFit instructors in a private environment
  • Achieve your fitness goals with a program that fits into your busy lifestyle
  • Reduce cellulite
  • Improve your posture
  • Physical and mental well being
  • 20 minutes and you’re done

Your last meal should be eaten 2-3 hours before training so you have sufficient energy for the workout. Try to drink at least 300ml water about 30-45 minutes before the training session to ensure you are sufficiently hydrated. Arrive 10 minutes before your booking time to allow time to change and get ready.

Electro Muscular Stimulation (EMS) is a form of stimulating muscles using light, painless, electric impulses. Just as our central nervous system sends electrical impulses to control our muscle action, EMS replicates this natural process, sending electrical impulses to muscles for the purpose of strength training and fitness. However, with Electro Muscular Stimulation, the process can be intensified, reaching deeper muscle layers which are difficult to activate through conventional exercise.

To achieve this, EMS electrodes are applied to the skin, directly above the muscle. EMS is a selective intensification of electrical stimuli from an external force. The best results can be gained when exercising actively while using the device. Muscles are additionally stimulated through the electrodes while performing a series of low impact exercises. The combination of these two activities leads to an additional increase of muscle contraction, producing highly effective training results. Your SpeedFit personal trainer will use their professional expertise to control each muscle group by adjusting the training intensity, according to your individual needs. With EMS, visible and tangible results can be achieved in a very short period of time.

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