Dr. Med. Gernot Felmet Specialist in orthopedics and trauma therapy; Orthopedic practice & ARTICO sports clinic in Schwenningen (Germany)

Electro-stimulation as whole-body training is also used in the areas of medicine and rehabilitation . We have integrated the miha bodytec into our orthopedic practice and “Dr Felmet’s Fast Fitness Training Concept”. Strengthening of the entire torso musculature and success with back pain are tangible and measurable in a short time . Measurements of the upper body muscles, muscles of the torso and the area of the lower extremities are made within six weeks. To put it briefly, the miha bodytec has more than met our expectations.

Uwe Veronik Physiotherapist – Müller-Wohlfahrt Centre for Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine

The application of Miha Bodytec EMS technology for therapeutic body and joint treatment vastly improves our training and therapeutic options . Highly effective and easy to use, the miha bodytec opens up a wide range of usage options, from the passive to active high-performance; training, from rehabilitation patients to high-performance athletes . Innovation and hi-tech for our patients and athletes.

Oliver Schmidtlein Owner of OS training and therapy centre in Munich, FC Bayern München fitness coach

We use the Miha Bodytec in our facility with both leisure and competitive athletes . We also use it for specific back problems. Using the Miha Bodytec alone or in conjunction with conventional training methods leads to new levels of endurance and performance . EMS training allows a stronger and more intensive contraction of muscles than purely arbitrary contractions, increasing potential in the area of speed, for example . Endurance, maximum strength, explosive strength, hypertrophy – we develop individual training procedures depending on the programme and intensity.

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