As we continue our journey into 2019, we want to celebrate our 2018 SpeedFit Staff Award Winners. Our annual awards are announced at our Christmas Party & aim to recognise those staff members who epitomise the SpeedFit core values & strive for greatness every day. 

We checked in with the recipients once their win had sunk in and asked them a few questions about their award, their studios and SpeedFit!

Chris Burgess – Rising Star of the Year

While Chris is based at our Sydney CBD studio and not physically near the majority of the SpeedFit team, he has made a significant impact to the SpeedFit community and was recognised as one of our rising stars in 2018. We appreciate his efforts and enthusiasm since joining the family, and we look forward to seeing what he achieves and progresses throughout the company.

SpeedFit (SF): Chris, you are one of our Sydney superstars! What did it mean to you to win SpeedFit’s Rising Star of the Year?

Chris Burgess (CB): Winning this award is humbling. I very much enjoy what I do at SpeedFit, and am extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work in an area I am passionate about. It’s a wonderful feeling to be recognised by SpeedFit for something I put my heart into.

SF: Your passion for your role and the clients was definitely evident throughout the year. What do you love most about being a part of the SpeedFit brand?

CB: Being a part of a company whose goal is to help people achieve a healthier lifestyle is something I think anyone can get behind. At SpeedFit, I am able to go above and beyond the standard care of a personal trainer. Providing clients with an extremely effective, quick, and exciting new way to get fit are just a few of the things I love about working for SpeedFit. The clients we train here are what make us a company. Each person with a unique training style and reason for doing so. 

SF: We love our clients and definitely agree that we would be nothing without their enthusiasm & support! What do you love most about our clients? 

CB: Some clients come in ready to show the machine whose boss, others come in looking for a quick way to get fit. Many of the clients looking for a quick way to get fit aren’t in love with fitness and exercise in general, but these people are often the ones who make the biggest change. Motivating clients and getting them excited about their health and where they can go with it is one of the most rewarding aspects of SpeedFit, not just for me, but for clients who achieve it.  SpeedFit is the gateway for many to a healthier life. It gives people an opportunity to see what they’re capable of. I’m happy I get to be a part of that.

SF: Thanks Chris, we can’t wait to see what you achieve in 2019, for yourself and the SpeedFit community!

Casey Crisp – Trainer of the Year

Winner of our Trainer of the Year was decided by our amazing clients on social media. After 318 votes in our poll, 275 likes and 195 comments, it was Casey (Manager of SpeedFit Myaree) who took out the title. Only having been with SpeedFit for 6 months, this is a proud achievement for Casey.

SF: Hi Casey! What did it mean to you to be nominated and then chosen as Trainer of the Year by SpeedFit clients?

Casey Crisp (CC): I am ecstatic to have been chosen, especially within a company that is not lacking in amazing trainers. This will always be a highlight of my career as a personal trainer and it’s reassuring to know that I must be doing something right. 

SF: We know the highlight for all the nominated trainers must’ve been reading all the wonderful comments from our clients.

CC: Yes, the best part was reading all the comments from my clients, the support and kind words were truly amazing – even if it did come to light that my clients love me just as much as they hate me.

SF: They so seem to enjoy the pain you put them through, guess it’s how you get results! What do you think it is that makes your training style so special?

CC: My training style has been described as very methodical. I have taken everything I have learned from Afiq (SpeedFit’s National Training Manager) and my 6 years in the fitness industry to ensure my clients get the most out of each and every session.  Although I am a perfectionist with the structure of each session I also have a lot of fun and I am often referred to as ‘The Smiling Assassin’. You can guarantee I’ll be grinning every time I turn up the intensity or as I tell you we are doing squats again although I’m not sure if that makes me a bit of a sadist. 

SF: I think it makes you efficient Casey! Do you have any words of advice for our members looking to take the next steps in their fitness journey?

CC: A quote I love from the Dalai Lama is ‘the purpose of our lives is to be happy’ so my advice is to enjoy it. Laugh a little.

SF: Totally agree! Thanks for your time and keep up the torture, The Smiling Assassin 😉


Osborne Park – Studio of the Year

Next up is Matt, Manager of the studio that took out the prestigious Studio of the Year award (for the second year in a row) – Osborne Park!

SF: Matt, I know this was definitely an award you aspired to win throughout the year, so what did it mean to you to take out the title?

Matt O’Garr (MO): To win Studio of the Year meant a lot to everyone at Osborne Park: staff and members combined. I hear our members regularly comment about how they tell their friends they come to do their SpeedFit sessions at the best studio (as we won in 2017) and I am privileged enough to be part of the team who helped defend Osborne Park’s title as Studio of the Year in 2018! I am really proud of my team for delivering such a consistent and high calibre output. To me; winning this award means they get the recognition they deserve.

SF: Two years in a row is a great achievement and it sounds like you really care about your location and clients, what do you love most about them?

MO: The thing I love most about Osborne Park would easily the atmosphere, vibe and culture within the studio. It doesn’t matter what time of day, when our doors are open Monday – Saturday; Osborne Park is the most welcoming and friendly club I have ever had the chance to work in and be a part of. It never feels like going to work, it feels more like getting to train and interact with my friends every single day.  

SF: The SpeedFit fam is definitely a special one isn’t it. We are such a community and you’re right, it feels like we hang out with our best friends every day which we are so grateful for. So where would you like to take your studio in 2019?

MO: Coming into 2019, Osborne Park has already set a great precedent of going from strength to strength. I am excited to see our member base and my friendship circle expand even further than it already has!

Can’t to see what you and the studio achieves this year Matt, good luck!


Ciaran Mundow – Manager of the Year

Finally, let’s chat to our Manager of the Year winner, Ciaran from SpeedFit Cockburn. Ciaran has impressed everyone in the short amount of time he has been a part of the SpeedFit fam with his enthusiasm, humour and commitment to his studio.

SF: Welcome Ciaran and congratulations on being our Manager of the Year! What did winning this award mean to you?

Ciaran Mundow (CM): Manager of the Year was a bit of a shock for me. I was very honoured to win the award and to receive it from Dominika who previously won the award was amazing. She is an awesome manager herself! I feel very lucky to have won this award but I couldn’t have done it without the support I get from every other manager. They are always happy to answer any questions I throw their way. I am very thankful for the opportunity to run my own studio and very grateful for this award.

SF: We are thankful to have you Ciaran! What do you see for yourself and your studio for 2019?

CM: Next year’s goal for Cockburn is simple. Be number 1! (laughs). Just to keep all the clients happy and enjoying every session they attend. To create an atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re not working out but instead having a friendly catch up with your trainer while getting the results you are looking to achieve.

SF: We love being a great big family! What do you think SpeedFit can bring to the community?

CM: I see SpeedFit as being a service to help the people of the community save time through their fitness routine. So they can spend more time with their friends, families and enjoy the beautiful country that we call home! Freeing up time so they can enjoy the fun things in life.

SF: Thanks Ciaran, it sounds like you are on board with our main goal: making fitness fit into people’s lives, instead of overtaking it!


The SpeedFit family

While we like to recognise the above individuals and their achievements, we are so proud of ALL the SpeedFit team for continuing to share the SpeedFit mission with the wider community. We can’t wait to see what 2019 brings us.