We love seeing our clients succeed, whether at work, at the SpeedFit studio or at home, but if you’re wondering how to go from successful, to VERY successful, read on for our top 5 tips!


Set Realistic Goals
Set specific and realistic goals that you want to achieve (no matter how small you think they are) and continue to remind yourself of the reasons why you set these goals in the first place. Start with realistic goals (for example, set a goal to run 1km before you think about running a marathon). Once you hit your goals, reward yourself and then set another goal! This encourages you to keep striving for bigger and better things. 


Health Should Be Your Number One Priority
Experts say that a healthy mind and body can help you do your best work both at home and in the office. Extremely successful people take care of their diet and make a conscious effort to exercise, which ensures that they work more effectively and stay energetic.


Know The Importance Of Having A Break
While you do need to put in a lot of time to reach your goals, make sure you make time for breaks as well! Working without taking a break can be damaging to your health, and the downtime can help you stay motivated and even come up with new ideas.


Be Selective With What You Say “Yes” To
Very successful people see their time as valuable, and they make sure they choose activities that make their time count. Eliminate unnecessary activities that don’t help you achieve your goals and you’ll reach them faster!


Realise That Your Only Real Competition Is Yourself
Instead of focusing on what the person next to you is doing, compete with your past self and work on what you can do better! This ensures you can focus on what you need to do to reach your goals without any unnecessary pressure or stress.


Here at SpeedFit we are here to make things easier for you to become as successful as you can be. We only need 20 minutes of your time per week to make you feel stronger, healthier and ready to smash any goal you have in your sights! View our current promotions here.