“To anyone looking to take control of the physical aspect of their life and wants maximum results in minimum time – and to enjoy their fitness, I can’t recommend SpeedFit highly enough. I love how each 20 minute training session is the same as a couple of 90 min gym sessions ! As an author, a mum, a carer to 2 grandparents with dementia, a partner, life is busy, and anything I do has to fit my life without taking it over but I still want fabulous, amazing results! That it’s a small studio, one on one training, and I can bring my little girl . There’s a kids corner for them to play in, and that means if no one is available to watch her I can still train. That I can train barefoot, it just seems so much easier ! Illogical I know when I’m going to work out but I like it! I love this training! It’s easy to fit it into a busy life, and then there are all the little luxuries that add up to a really enjoyable experience .

  • The isotonic drink before training and the protein shake for after.
  • All the little extras in the shower rooms, hair dryers, shampoo, conditioner, spray deodorant, towels etc.
The trainers are brilliant with the kids and are happy to get them involved with your training . Rani helps take all of the straps off afterwards and on one or two occasions when she has been insistent on having a cuddle; I have been known to be doing squats holding her! So what are the results? In only 2 sessions a week, of 20 minutes only, (changing nothing else) over 8 weeks, my strength has gone through the roof, my ankle now hardly ever rolls out anymore .

I’ve dropped 4 kilos, everything is firmer and I feel amazing! It’s such a short burst of intensity, and the trainers change everything up all the time, so it keeps me interested and on track. For the same reason, even if I don’t feel like training on a particular day, I find I don’t try and talk myself out of it because after all its only 20 minutes. And ! It’s been 8 weeks, I feel great, and I’m still keen to go! SpeedFit makes it all such an enjoyable experience; I love it.
Dee Shelton www.JoinUsAtTheBall.com Author of “Cinderella Put the Pumpkin Down and Take Yourself to the Ball: A fresh fun guide to taking control of your life!”

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