I’m Melissa, I’m 43 and go to SpeedFit East Gosford.

I saw an ad detailing what SpeedFit was all about and saw they had a special of 3 sessions for $90. I thought what a great way to get back into training as I had put on weight due to COVID and gym closures. My knees were getting sore from running and with daylight savings it was getting too dark to run in the morning! I had no energy after work or time to train due to my daughter’s sport commitments, so I wasn’t sure what to do! After seeing the ad, I thought what have I got to lose – so I booked online for a trial pack.

When I arrived I was greeted by Hayley (the owner) and was so excited to see that I had a full run down as to what was going to happen in my training session! She explained what it will do to my body and how low impact it was going to be for my knees.

At the end of my first session I was hooked! I got so much out of my workout. I didn’t know what to expect but I was so happy to be sweating, panting, and getting my heart rate up. I had so much fun and my knees were not hurting at all. After that – I joined straight up.

I had been doing the standard one 20 minute session per week for only 3 weeks and had already lost 7cm around my bellybutton. I did not go on a carrot and celery diet. I ate meat, vegetables, salads and still enjoyed takeaway twice a week.

I measured myself monthly and lost more cm’s. I had only been attending SpeedFit regularly one day a week for 8 weeks consistently, and lost 22cm off my off my belly button, 8cm off my butt, 5cm off my thighs and 7cm off the boobs. All from 20 minutes once a week! You can not argue about that! I don’t own scales and was advised not to weigh just do measurements – this made me feel AMAZING.

I now do one SpeedFit strength training session with Jack on Monday’s at lunchtime and one SpeedFit cardio session with Skylah on Wednesday mornings before work. I feel so exhilarated and leave my sessions feeling like I can take on the world.What I love most about SpeedFit is not just the amazing results I have achieved in such short time, but the staff at East Gosford who encourage and push you in such a supportive way, you just keep going and excited to your next session.

I don’t blame people for being skeptics about how this could do so much in such a short time frame…I get it! I was unsure at first too. But within minutes of your first session, you’ll be sweating and panting.

The personal changes I have seen since starting this journey with SpeedFit is my happiness and calmness to life, and of course the cm’s I have lost all over my body!

I hope everyone will try SpeedFit – as it ticked all my boxes…and it may tick yours. You’ve got nothing to lose.

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