Meet Ema and Susan.

A mother daughter duo from our Baldivis studio.

Ema has been training at SpeedFit since September 2021 and recently bought her Mum Susan along to see what all the fuss was about.

Susan is vision impaired, meaning she only has the ability to see outlines and shadows.

For the past fifteen years she has been totally dependent on others, meaning her fitness routine took a back seat.

She has been loving SpeedFit because in a normal gym or fitness class she is “an annoyance because people have to stop and show me what to do and it interrupts the class and makes me feel uncomfortable and embarrassed.”

Whereas at SpeedFit, she trains one-on-two with her daughter and the exercises are tailored to her. The studio is a safe space and she finally feels “not judged” when exercising and trying to get fit. She feels safe and that she finally has some independence back!

They train every Friday together with Studio Manager Kylie and love working out and getting fit together.

“They both train hard in their sessions and each session Susan improves and becomes more aware of her posture, form, technique and understanding of which muscle groups are being activated. It really is beautiful watching Ema support her mother and the two bonding through the SpeedFit experience” – Kylie.

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