Meet Christie and Wendy, a mother daughter duo from our East Gosford studio. 

Why did they join SpeedFit? They loved that it was a low impact workout that they could do together! 

“Mum has arthritis in her knees and they are very painful, so she really needed something low impact. We loved the idea that one 20 minute workout was equivalent to hours of gym classes – that was definitely an attractive draw card for us.”

Whilst Christie and Wendy love training together, what they love most is that the session goes by so quickly! “It’s over before you know it, lol. The instructors are really lovely,  they are particularly encouraging during the session and always make you feel like you’re doing a really brilliant job. After just a few sessions, we feel fantastic, like we’ve done a Pump Class without lifting any weights at all. Two days after the session, you can certainly feel like you’ve worked all your muscles. We love the feeling like you’ve actually used our muscles.”

When asked what a common misconception is about SpeedFit, Christie says that you think there is going to be like a zapping sensation, or that it will be uncomfortable or painful, “it definitely isn’t! It isn’t painful at all, if anything, when you’re hooked up to the EMS machine, it feels good.”

When asked about changes they have seen, Wendy has seen a huge improvement in the amount of pain she usually feels in her joints from her arthritis. When she misses a session, her knees start to swell up with fluid again and really ache, but as soon as she has been into SpeedFit she instantly feels relief.

Christie encourages everyone to give SpeedFit a go! “Anyone thinking about trying SpeedFit but hasn’t yet bitten the bullet and given it a try, I encourage you to definitely go in and give it a go. It really does work. You will start to feel better, after just a few sessions. You won’t regret it!”

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