Meet Chantelle, a 29 year old client , who has been training at SpeedFit Kotara for 11 months.

Before SpeedFit, I tried personal training and tonnes of weight loss and dieting options with ZERO success. Nothing worked for me.

I felt that my only option was to have weight loss surgery, which is something I wasn’t very keen on.

That’s when I found SpeedFit! I joined as a member at SpeedFit Kotara and after six months of strength training and changing my nutrition, I’ve lost almost 20kgs and got my life back. I couldn’t be happier!​

When asked what she loves most about SpeedFit she says that she loves the welcoming and friendly environment. It’s time efficient and convenient for me as it fits into my busy lifestyle as a nurse with constant shift changes. 

Amy, Brigitte and James are amazing. They are always there to answer all of my questions to help me achieve these results so far. Amy is patient and knowledgeable and explains everything to me so I understand. They have helped motivate me to become a fitter, healthier and better version of myself.

When asked what surprised her most about SpeedFit, she says that it was how quickly her body changed! I was shocked at how my body changed in front of my eyes and how convenient it is to book in and train each week. 

This workout is only 20 minutes once or twice per week. You don’t have anything to lose because it’s the most time efficient way to train! I love it and recommend it to anyone who has not tried SpeedFit before!

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