Meet Debbie, a client from our East Gosford studio.
Debbie has been training at SpeedFit since January 2022 and prior to joining, hadn’t had any interest in exercise.
In August 2021, Debbie had gastric sleeve surgery, and once she lost some weight she felt that she was ready to undertake a proper exercise regime – now that she felt she could!
A friend recommended SpeedFit, and since joining, Debbie believes it’s the best thing she’s ever done! She now does multiple sessions per week and loves her 7am sessions with the East Gosford team.
“I love that it’s a 20 minute workout. I feel great after every session and love that the staff are so motivating, it makes me want to come back each week!”
Not only has Debbie’s energy levels increased, she’s also gained muscle and lost fat and can’t stop telling everyone how great SpeedFit is!
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