I am a Sports Physiotherapist and saw SpeedFit advertised and tried it out to learn more about it. I was also investigating if it would improve my leg strength for running if I included it as one of my two cross-training sessions per week.

Since joining I’ve noticed my legs are a lot stronger with hill running and if I work hard in the session I can still experience DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) for a couple of days. The exercise is a perfect cross-training session to mix up my running routine.

I like that the session is short and sweet and you know the pain won’t last too long. I can fit a session in during my lunch break which is really convenient for me.

I would definitely recommend trying SpeedFit and working hard during your session to get the most out of it. SpeedFit is great as an adjunct to your usual exercise program and has definitely motivated me to run harder up the hills.​

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