Meet Gai, a client from our Kotara studio.

Gai is extremely active, she raced Dragon Boats for eight years and in the past 18 months, she has taken up outrigging (ocean canoeing) as her sport of choice.

In late 2021, she was selected in the women’s crew to participate in the Te Ika Nui 50 km marathon race which was to take place in January 2022.

Unfortunately moments prior to the start of this race, she suffered a severe injury to her left ankle, resulting in surgery and the insertion of three screws.  She was placed in a moon boot for 3.5 months while she healed. The first two months, she was completely non weight bearing, meaning she couldn’t do much at all! While it was a huge setback, her goal was to be able to get her fitness back and be able to participate in the 2022 Outrigging National Championships in May.

Once healed, Gai was eventually permitted to start her outrigging training, albeit slightly different! She still had to wear the moonboot until she reached the water’s edge and then had to wear a supportive brace whilst in the canoe.  During this time, Gai was also attending SpeedFit Kotara as part of her rehabilitation plan, and to try and regain her strength.

In May, Gai achieved her goal to attend and participate in the Outrigging National Championships 2022 held at Port Stephens. She came fourth in the Senior Womens Short Course, sixth in the OC6 Master Women’s course and earnt a SILVER MEDAL in the Clubs OC6 Novice Women crew short course. She credits Amy, Brigitte and James from our Kotara studio as huge supporters and believes that she couldn’t have done it without them. They got her back into the canoe much earlier than expected and she is truly grateful for having SpeedFit as part of her rehab routine.

Gai (right) is pictured with her friends and fellow SpeedFitters Cindy (middle) and Meg (left).

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