Meet Julie, our client from SpeedFit East Gosford

Julie has been training with Vanessa and the East Gosford team since January 2022. She signed up for the 3 for $90 trial pack at Christmas as she wanted to try something new. What Julie loves the most about SpeedFit is that no matter what kind of day or week she is having, it always makes her feel good!

The first change she noticed after her sessions was that her energy levels increased drastically. Her upper back and neck felt better and it wasn’t the gimmick that she originally thought it could be. It’s the real deal!

Julie loves training with Vanessa as she pushes her hard and they have a good laugh along the way. She recommends not mentioning when you had margaritas on the weekend though, because you’ll get worked twice as hard! She encourages everyone to give it a go. “It’s electrifying and 100% worth your while.”

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