Meet Kim and Amanda. Two 60 something go-getters from our Gladesville studio. They’ve trained at SpeedFit for three years and some could say they are somewhat SpeedFit superfans!

After trialling every form of exercise under the sun, Kim found it almost impossible to stick to anything for longer than six months…until he found SpeedFit! “I’ve joined gyms, had personal trainers, gone for regular long walks but have usually found an excuse to stop all of that within six months.” Three years later, Kim looks forward to his Monday sessions every single week. “It’s very difficult to find an excuse to avoid 20 minutes a week!”

Not only has Kim seen a change in his overall fitness and strength, he has also had a few surprise changes as well. “The most noticeable change has been to my balance. Simple things too, like I can now easily open jars – where that was sometimes difficult! But for me, what has been the most amazing was the change in my core strength. Ingrid (the wonderful Gladesville Studio Manager), knows I’m a keen 10 handicap golfer so she’s put in a lot of core work to help with that. Amazingly I’ve gained about 20 meters on my drives; that just doesn’t happen as you get older!!”

Laughing, Kim also says that at 67, he certainly wasn’t expecting to put on muscle mass, “‘but that’s exactly what’s happened. I’ve never been overly interested in being “buff”, but here I am with bigger biceps than I’ve ever had! Legs are great, gut is tighter, and I honestly feel amazing.”

Like Kim, Amanda has also seen some big changes. “I’m definitely fitter and more toned, but for me, the biggest change has been my confidence! Last year, we went on a holiday to the Kimberleys in WA. I knew that it would involve walking up a lot of up steep paths and clambering over uneven rocks and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do it all. Ingrid tailored a program for us that focused on our leg strength and balance. It worked brilliantly; I confidently went everywhere without a single incident!’’

When asked what they think a common misconception is, Kim said that people think it’s a one size fits all product. “Those who don’t exercise regularly, especially people of my age, think it’s going to be too physically difficult. But Ingrid is simply fantastic at tailoring the session to suit my particular needs. Most people don’t realise that every touch point is set to the level each individual can cope with. I can easily do the same exercises as someone twice as fit as me because the intensity is set to my level of fitness, mobility etc.” 

When asked why people should do SpeedFit, Amanda believes that as the French say – life is too short! “Don’t delay, especially if you’re my age – as this will definitely help you avoid falls and other “future old age” risks.”


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