Meet Kylie, one of our members at SpeedFit East Gosford. Since starting SpeedFit in October 2021, Kylie has combined one session a week with a tailored nutrition program thanks to Pure Health Nutrition. In just 3.5 months she has lost over 12kgs! “I can see definition in my face and arms and have gone down three SpeedFit vest sizes!! I’m feeling more confident and my energy levels are up. I never would have said it before, but I look forward to my SpeedFit sessions and pushing myself each time.’

When asked what she loves most about SpeedFit, Kylie cites the encouragement and support she gets from her trainers. “I like that the sessions are either independent or just with one other client. It’s very intimate and tailored to me. You don’t need to be fit to give it a go. It really is for all shapes, sizes and fitness levels.’

Like a lot of people, Kylie was a skeptic before joining. “I was surprised at how much I love SpeedFit. I thought it was just some new gimmick that I would try and give up like most fitness ventures I have tried in the past… but I honestly think I’m addicted.’

When asked what she’d say to someone who is thinking about trying SpeedFit but hasn’t yet bitten the bullet yet – Kylie says DO IT! ‘You will never know until you try. I am a busy mum of three and Speedfit is so convenient as it’s only 20min out of my week. Whether it’s before work, after school drop off or a late Friday session to get me ready for the weekend. I’ve now increased to two sessions a week and feel I’m getting stronger and fitter with each session. The team at East Gosford Speedfit and Pure Health Nutrition have been truly amazing. I have never felt more encouraged, supported and guided towards my goals before. This is the best decision I have ever made to better my health and fitness.’

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