I’ve suffered from joint and muscle pain for eight years. My weight has gone from 97 kg to 69 kg. Some days I was still able to go for a walk; however, most days I couldn’t as I was in too much pain. As time passed by, my walking sessions became less frequent, and I became slower and slower. After we had discovered SpeedFit on TV, I was amazed that you could do a 20-minute workout without having to sweat it out in a gym for four hours. The fact that I could exercise 90% of my muscles in that time also attracted me.

I’d wanted to try SpeedFit because I wanted to lose weight, get fit again, become free of pain, have fun and to be honest, I wanted to see results fast!

When I started with SpeedFit I was thrilled to discover that I could work out, free of pain. It was fun and not hard to do. Working out without putting stress on my arthritic knees, and my problematic left hip was wonderful and Having a trainer support me for my 20-minute workout was a great way to get me going. I realised that there was nothing to worry about and in fact, I could do more than I thought. It improved my confidence, which was at an all-time low. Wow – working out without putting stress on my arthritic knees, and my problematic left hip felt wonderful.

My primary goal was to lose weight and get some fitness back; I would have been happy to get back to 85 kg. As of today (Jan, 2015), I’m 81.3 kg. Having already smashed my primary goal, I decided I’d like to get back to 59 kg and get back into my favourite black evening dress!

I’d also like to continue to live a pain-free life and never having to take a tablet for pain relief again. To move freely without pain would be wonderful. This July I’m going on a trip to Italy, and I’m so excited at the thought of running around Rome with the energy and stamina I had when I was 30. What else? I’d like to get my abs back! Oh, and to do a long-distance swim for charity would be fabulous.

When I walked in the door for the first time I was impressed by the friendly, clean and calm environment I was in. SpeedFit is also child-friendly, which is handy as I often look after my grandson. I was not rushed, and everything was explained to me, which I appreciated. I felt listened to and taken care of. I loved that I was encouraged from day one to do just that little bit more.

You’re totally in control over how high the EMS machine goes, which is great. At the end of the first session I wanted to do it all again because I was so amazed at how easy it was – and it was fun! Even after the first session I swear I felt younger and even sprightly. I felt I was on my way to being the happy, healthy self I used to be. Truly, there was nothing I didn’t like, except for the fact that it was over so soon!

My initial SpeedFit session was like nothing I have ever experienced. Going to the gym is hard work and sometimes the soreness experienced afterwards can frighten me. SpeedFit was easy. The electrical impulses are hard to explain: it’s a pleasant feeling. Every time the machine worked my muscles I was getting closer to getting my figure back to how it used to be, which was so inspiring.

As I drove home from my first training session, I could not stop smiling. I was so happy and had so much energy pumping through my veins. I feel so lucky to have found Speedfit.

There are other benefits that I enjoyed, too. There’re the pre-and post-workout drinks, which enhance the results of the workout. I love the exclusivity of only two people training at one time. Lots of attention is given to me; I never feel like I’m just a number at the gym.

“If the first three months are any indication, I just might live to 100.”

What results have you experienced from SpeedFit so far?

The most notable results have been my drastic weight loss. When I started in September 2014 I weighed 97 kg. Three months later I have lost 17 kg, and I have so much more energy. I can honestly say I feel 20 years younger. When I wake up in the mornings I feel alive. Waking up feeling great is such a big deal for me, because in the past and wake up feeling like I barely slept. My body would hurt all over. Now, I jump out of bed feeling terrific. I have no more pain, and I’m ready to get on and enjoy my day.

I cannot get over how in just three short months even my skin feels different: smoother and with less cellulite. I can see my knees again! My legs have more muscles and less fat; my bat-wings have nearly gone, and I can finally see muscles in my arms again. I have no rolls of fat on my back. It’s so good to rediscover my fitter body that’s been secretly hiding underneath for all this time!

I expected to lose weight and rediscover my muscles with SpeedFit, but I got so much more than that. I’m now pain-free, which is amazing. I take no pain medications at all. I can go for long walks and swim 1 km without even feeling puffed. My balance and strength have improved so much. I can even go out and dance the night away, knowing that the next day my muscles and joints won’t be screaming out in pain. Another bonus: I can wear high heels again!

I know this all sounds too good to be true, but frankly, it is true. SpeedFit has changed my life. I have signed up for SpeedFit for a once weekly session for a year, and I’m so excited to see what my body will be like at the end of this time. If the first three months are any indication, I just might live to 100.

What do you like most about SpeedFit?

It’s hard to define what I love the most about SpeedFit because I love it all. I’d probably have to say it’s because SpeedFit is easy. Anyone can do it. It only takes 20 minutes just once a week to get amazing results.


  • lost 17 kg
  • pain-free, requiring no more medication
  • increase muscle tone
  • increased fitness
  • increased energy
  • improved balance and strength
  • smoother skin
  • less cellulite
  • increase confidence
  • greater quality of life
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