Meet Lisa and Lyndal. These friends had been training together regularly at their local gym in addition to three PT sessions per week. Yet they weren’t seeing any results. 

When they heard Speedfit would allow them to achieve results in only 20 minutes per week and take into account their different injuries, time constraints, and preference for privacy, they jumped at the chance to try it. 

“At first when we heard about SpeedFit we immediately assumed it was a group fitness class. When we found out more, we thought there was no way it could be this easy – 20 minutes a week with a mix of healthy eating and lifestyle changes? Can’t be true! But we were proven wrong and are now big advocates of SpeedFit!”

The training buddies joined the SpeedFit Midland studio in November 2021 and have experienced dramatic changes in their physical and mental health.

“We have seen major weight loss over the last 12 months with both of us hitting our first milestone recently of 20kgs down! Not only this, but our monthly scans have shown that our muscle mass is increasing! So not only are we losing fat mass but we’re gaining muscle at the same time! 

“More importantly, our mental health and lifestyle has improved. We are more confident, we’re always trying new activities – and new foods!”

Lisa and Lyndal credit the Midland team who have kept them motivated throughout their incredible journey.

“The team at Speedfit Midland are so encouraging and supportive. They go along this journey with you and know how to push you to achieve your goals. They adapt to what you need and are more than happy to accommodate injuries and explain the different exercises.”

And to anyone thinking about trying SpeedFit, Lisa and Lyndal advise: “Don’t wait! It only took about 3-4 sessions to start seeing a difference. Give it a try, stick with it and you won’t regret it. Plus you’ll make some great friends along the way!”

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