From a broken back, to training for an Everest Base Camp trek! That’s the results from my #speedfitlifestyle.

After I broke my back, rehab was painful & frustrating. I worked so hard for almost no progress. Then I found SpeedFit. I read heaps of research on how EMS training like SpeedFit has great results for people with injuries like mine so gave it a go. With my 20-minute weekly session, I started to make progress, I was building strength, I toned up and my pain massively reduced.

Two years on, I’ve lost weight, but my best results aren’t represented on the scales. My best results have been in getting my life back.

Now I am strong. I can join in. I can work a full day painfree & I’m body confident. I’m training to trek to Everest Base Camp- something I never dreamed I’d be capable of before. I have muscles for the first time I can remember – I’m grateful – I’m stronger and healthier than ever before.

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