“I’m done in 20 minutes! This is something that has not been possible in any other form of exercise I’ve ever tried.”

Client Q&A – Megan | SpeedFit Hillarys

Meet Megan, a busy mother and professional in her forties who struggled to find the time for exercise – until she discovered SpeedFit. With its innovative approach to fitness, SpeedFit provided Megan with a flexible and time-efficient solution that perfectly aligned with her demanding schedule. Since she began training at Hillary’s studio 18 months ago, Megan’s experience with SpeedFit has been nothing short of transformational.

Tell us about your journey to SpeedFit and what motivated you to come in for that first session?

Megan: I’ve always been active and loved playing sport, but as a busy Mum and also working in a demanding industry with lots of after-hours events and interstate travel, I’ve found it very difficult over recent years to stick to routine sports or gym classes that require you to attend more than 2 or 3 times a week to participate and see results. The flexibility and efficiency of SpeedFit’s exercise solution is perfect for my busy lifestyle and allows me to consolidate my fitness intentions into one window of time per week, which I can move to suit my schedule!

Have you tried other gyms, classes or fitness activities?

Megan: Yes. I was an avid Les Mills Body Pump addict for many years, but it really did require me to be consistently doing 2 to 3 classes per week to maintain the results. That’s around 3 hours per week! I played Netball for over 20 years but had to stop due to my knees almost grinding into dust: Netball is not the kindest on the knee joints! 

What do you love about SpeedFit the most?

Megan: The time-saving factor. I’m done in 20 minutes for the workout – so about 30 minutes door-to-door. This is something that has not been possible in any other form of exercise I’ve ever tried. It’s also much gentler on my body than weights and impact sports.

What surprised you about SpeedFit?

Megan: The bonus full-body massage effect! I absolutely love having that buzz run through my whole body; it leaves me feeling flexible, relaxed and invigorated for my day ahead!

What do you think are common misconceptions about SpeedFit EMS training?

Megan: It may sound like a gimmick at first, as the EMS bodysuit does look like a futuristic contraption and I think the claim of “20 minutes is all you need” is something that most people just won’t believe – until they try it! Another misconception is that EMS will do all the work for you – not true! You still have to maintain a balanced diet and lifestyle and support your workouts accordingly, which is true of any exercise.

What changes have you seen in your body and yourself from training at SpeedFit?

Megan: Within a month or two, I noticed my arms and legs becoming less “bulky” in the pattern of muscles, and start to elongate and slim down. This was after having worked out with weights for many years, which created a larger muscle structure. My lower back aches also started to fade away, as my core muscles strengthened. The after-effects of two C-section births meant that my abdominals weren’t as good as they should be and my lower back was paying the price. This has really improved for me and is a major ongoing reason for why I love SpeedFit!

What would you say to someone who is thinking about trying SpeedFit?

Megan: TRY IT! You will love it! The sensation of the EMS alone is worth having a go – it’s like nothing else you’ll ever do.

Lastly, Megan expressed her deep appreciation for Cathy and the team at SpeedFit Hillarys. Their dedication, genuine care, and attention to her specific needs made every visit feel like a home away from home. 

With its time-saving workouts, unique benefits, and personalised approach, SpeedFit has revolutionised Megan’s fitness routine and allowed her to prioritise her health and most importantly – herself.

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