Client Q&A – Neil | SpeedFit Gladesville

Meet Neil, a 64-year-old member of SpeedFit Gladesville. Neil has been with us since 2020 and loves the simplicity of SpeedFit.

“You always have a personal trainer working with you to ensure you are exercising correctly. It is gentle on your joints, and you are only slightly puffing at the end of a session, yet you can certainly feel you have had a good workout.”

Neil initially joined us as part of our 8-Week Challenge, and he immediately loved the quick and effective nature of the training. He has been steadily improving and continues to see great results in his everyday life.

“Because my legs are stronger, I have noticed less knee pain when climbing stairs. I work in a physical role. Because my body is stronger, I can cope with lifting and carrying much easier.”

Neil is a competition shooter who last year won his category in the prestigious King’s Prize shooting competition in England. More recently, Neil captained the Australian Veterans TR team to win the world championship for 2nd time against South Africa. SpeedFit training gave him the physical and mental fitness to compete at a high level. He encourages anyone to give SpeedFit a crack!

“I know it made a big difference. It is fast and much better than spending hours on a treadmill or bike in a gym. You will see results, but, like any type of training, it takes a little while to become noticeable.”​

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