Meet Samantha, a client from our East Gosford studio. Samantha joined SpeedFit in January as she was looking to finally have some ‘me’ time. Now that her kids have finished school, she wanted to do something for herself and of course, try something new.

When asked what she loves best about SpeedFit, Samantha mentioned the personal training aspect. She loves “the small intimate nature of the classes as it’s only two clients at a time which means you’re able to build rapport with the Instructors/Trainers.”

Samantha has loved the SpeedFit experience from her first session, “I thought it was only suitable for people with sporting injuries, but this is absolutely not the case.  I had daily lower back discomfort, which has pretty much disappeared now, which I put down to my weekly SpeedFit session. I have more energy during the day and no longer feel sleepy mid afternoon.”

Samantha encourages everyone to give it a go. “You’ll never know if you don’t ever try it!”

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