Client Q&A – Shelley | SpeedFit East Gosford

Meet Shelley from our East Gosford Studio.

Shelley joined SpeedFit after founding that her current fitness routine of walking and the occasional gym class wasn’t having the impact she wanted.


Q. What do you love about SpeedFit the most?

Shelley: I love the flexibility and the results it’s given me so far! Not to mention it’s such a good location for me with only a 7 minute walk to the studio.


Q. Tell us your journey to SpeedFit and what motivated you to come in for your first session?

Shelley: My usual routine of exercise (walking and the odd pump class) wasn’t having the impact I wanted. I wanted to change my body shape and  build muscle. As a working mum I was also time poor and I liked that 20 minutes is equal to several hours at the gym.


Q. What surprised you about SpeedFit?

Shelley: I was so surprised at how quickly I saw visible results, noticing changes at around week 4 of starting. I was also so surprised at how much I enjoyed my classes! I’ve never enjoyed exercise really, except for walking.


Q. What do you think the common misconceptions are with SpeedFit and EMS training?

Shelley: That it’s a fad and doesn’t really work.


Q. What changes have you noticed from regular SpeedFit sessions?

Shelley: So many changes! I feel stronger and my back pain and other pelvic issues I had from pregnancy and childbirth have lessened. My arms and legs have also toned up!


Q. What would you say to someone who is thinking about trying SpeedFit but hasn’t yet bitten the bullet and given it a try?

Shelley: It’ll be the best thing you’ve done in a very long time, I can’t recommend it enough!​

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