Meet Sinead

A 32 year old client who trains at both our North Perth and South Perth studios.

Sinead is a new Mum, having had a baby seven months ago. She loves how quick the sessions are and that her baby boy Arthur can literally be right next to her whilst she trains.

“The best thing about SpeedFit is how supportive the trainers are. I have never ever felt uncomfortable, even when training at 8 weeks post partum! Even when my son was screaming down the studio, I’ve always felt encouraged by the trainers and supported by my fellow workout buddies (even if we’ve only done that 1 session together!). It’s honestly the perfect environment for Mums, especially new ones!”

When asked what surprised her most about SpeedFit, she says “that it actually works!! I think the common misconception is that it doesn’t work and that it’s not as effective as hours in the gym. But let me tell you, I’m definitely stronger than ever before especially, in my upper body. Being an ex-Irish dancer and cyclist I always struggled with strength in my arms, but not anymore! It’s definitely come in handy lugging a baby around too!”

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