Our vision is to see fitness for all, regardless of limitations.

In the last nine years we have had the privilege of working with countless inspiring clients, including Stacey Williams, a Paralympian who represented Australia at the Sydney 2000 Summer Paralympic Games.

Stacey Williams was born with an underdeveloped cerebellum. This means that the messages from her brain to her legs that tell her to walk, don’t work properly.

Stacey started to swimming at just six months old, due to the convenience of having a pool in her parents backyard.

Before long it was clear she was a talented swimmer and she realised, along with everyone around her, that she could take this further.

Stacey competed in the 2000 Sydney Games and earned herself a Bronze medal in the Women’s 100 m Breaststroke SB7 event.

“Standing on the blocks for my home country was pretty exciting and nerve wracking at the same time” she says.

Stacey enjoys doing SpeedFit and says it gives her a full body workout. She credits SpeedFit for helping with her balance, and loves the great feeling she gets after the session.

Here at SpeedFit we want to urge all of you to never doubt your ability to achieve your true potential.

Its never too late to start and there is no obstacle thrown your way that cannot be overcome!

View Stacey’s Video here.