Meet Stephanie, a client from our Kotara studio.

Stephanie has been doing SpeedFit for nine months. When asked what she loves most about SpeedFit, she says that “despite only coming in once or twice a week, the results speak for themselves. During COVID lockdowns and working from home, the kilos crept on, and I found myself at my heaviest weight. After trying different diets and workouts ( all which I couldn’t stick to), I found myself trying SpeedFit. The friendly atmosphere, convenience and education had me rapidly noticing results!”

Stephanie says that she absolutely loves the trainers at Kotara. “No matter your situation the trainers go above and beyond to help you reach your fitness potential. Due to the small sessions (usually only two people per trainer) you really do receive a customised experience to your own needs. I also found that the trainers have a wealth of knowledge in nutrition and fitness, so it has been a great resource for advice.”

“I have been so surprised with the muscular transformation that can take place in as little as 20 minutes a week! As someone who has felt intimidated by the aspect of strength training, EMS is such an incredibly efficient and supportive way to reach your goals. I have tried gym machines, regular pilates and nothing has given me the definition I now enjoy. I have found a massive improvement in my posture and a huge reduction in niggling aches and pains. All that gained muscle in my back has done wonders. It’s also nice to notice your newfound strength when doing something as simple as bringing in the groceries!”

We all know that there are a lot of common misconceptions around SpeedFit and EMS training but Stephanie encourages everyone to give it a go. “There are so many different diets and exercises out there that seem like fads, it’s easy to overlook SpeedFit. I mean how can 20 minutes a week really make a difference? But after trying it I noticed almost immediate definition and results and as time has passed, I am still noticing these changes. There are also brilliant challenges that come up throughout the year if you are up for a challenge!”



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