Meet Stephen and Debbie, one of our fantastic couples from our North Perth studio.

The duo have been training at SpeedFit for eight months and absolutely love training together each week.

Even though Stephen was running and exercising frequently, as a 70 year old, he struggled to keep his muscle mass and tone, so that’s when he started SpeedFit. He and Debbie have been able to strengthen and tone and have a laugh all whilst doing it.

Stephen recently had a full knee replacement in his left knee, and was cleared by his surgeon to return to SpeedFit five weeks post op, to help build muscle and regain his strength. It’s now become a crucial part of his rehab routine.

When asked what Stephen and Debbie love most about SpeedFit, they of course mention how efficient it is! They love being in and out in thirty minutes so they can get on with the rest of their day.

They also love that their trainer Jessy prescribes a different routine each week, as they love to mix up their training.

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