Client Q&A – Surja | SpeedFit East Gosford

Meet Surja from our East Gosford studio.

Being diagonsed with Autoimmune Psoriatic Arthritis at age 45 and living an active lifestyle up to this point, Surja was having trouble finding ways to exercise, until SpeedFit!

Surja has been training with SpeedFit for 11 weeks now and has loved how she has found a new way to exercise.

It is such a relief to finally find a method of exercise I can be confident in participating in regularly without that impending feeling of ‘giving up’ due to pain. I look forward to this session every week which has significantly increased my feeling of personal well being”


Q. Tell us about your journey to SpeedFit and what motivated you to come in for that first session?

Surja: I have Autoimmune Psoriatic Arthritis, diagnosed at age 45 whilst living a very active and fitness based life as a group and personal fitness trainer. I have spent the last five years constantly finding that I can no longer exercise in the ways I used to or want to, and have consequently lost significant muscle strength and size. For this reason I have been searching for a way to safely and consistently exercise my muscles without straining my joints or working myself into an arthritis flare. This search has led me to Speedfit. 


Q. What do you love about SpeedFit the most?

Surja: Feeling my muscles work again under tension and the post workout feelings of tiredness and muscle soreness which I have missed terribly. Also that speedfit as yet has never led me into any pain related to my condition as every other form of exercise has. 


Q. What surprised you about SpeedFit?

Surja: How much it relieves my chronic low back pain. How exhausted I feel at the end of the 20 minutes. I find myself looking at the timer at about 9 minutes in wondering how much longer I have to go! How much I love it!


Q. What do you think the common misconceptions are with SpeedFit and EMS training?

Surja: That once a week could be enough and that it doesn’t cause hypertrophy. 


Q. What changes have you seen in your body and yourself from training at SpeedFit?

Surja: Less back pain, greater muscle definition, increased confidence in myself, happiness in knowing I can continue going to SpeedFit as it never hurts my joints. 


Q. How is SpeedFit different from a gym?

Surja: Always personalised and very friendly, no crowds, no waiting, time efficient and always begins with a hydrating drink and ends with a protein shake!


Q. What would you say to someone who is thinking about trying SpeedFit but hasn’t yet committed?

Surja: You will be surprised and you won’t know how great it is until you try it. Nothing you read on the internet or hear from someone else can accurately relay how the experience will be for you. You have to try it for yourself. 

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