Client Q&A – Vanessa | SpeedFit Tuggerah

Meet Vanessa from our Tuggerah studio.

Vanessa joined SpeedFit with the aim of enhancing and building muscle strength and she did just that through our 8 Week Challenge Program, losing 7.2kg of body fat whilst gaining 4.8kg of skeletal muscle.


Q. What do you love about SpeedFit the most?

Vanessa: As a working mum juggling full-time work, I found SpeedFit particularly appealing due to its time efficiency compared to conventional gym sessions. My primary goal was to enhance and build muscle strength, and I appreciated the fact that class sizes were small, allowing me to complete a comprehensive full-body workout in a relatively brief period of time. The low-impact aspect caught my attention as it is gentler on my joints when compared to high-impact activities. I’ve never been a fan of strenuous cardio workouts and excessive sweating, making SpeedFit a perfect fit for my fitness preferences and lifestyle. It’s a win-win!


Q. How was your experience with the 8 Week Challenge? What were your results and what did you think of the challenge?

Vanessa: Participating in the 8 Week Challenge was a personal commitment I made to prioritise self-care. I was enthusiastic about the challenge because it offered both accountability and valuable guidance throughout the journey. What stood out to me were the full-body scans conducted before and after the challenge. These scans painted a much more comprehensive picture than scale numbers could ever reveal. Over the course of the challenge, I successfully shed 7.2kg of body fat while gaining 4.8kg of skeletal muscle. This transformation not only improved my physical health but also reduced my biological age by 4 years!


Q. What surprised you about SpeedFit?

Vanessa: I was VERY surprised by the changes to my body shape, muscle tone, strength, and endurance over a relatively short period of time.


Q. What do you think the common misconceptions are with SpeedFit and EMS training?

Vanessa: While EMS training may offer an immediate sensation of muscle engagement, it’s essential to recognise that achieving substantial and lasting results in fitness requires both time and consistent effort. Like any effective fitness program, visible improvements in strength and appearance typically materialise over weeks or even months of committed dedication. The ‘golden rule’ would be to maintain a consistent approach to see the desired outcomes.


Q. Besides your amazing change in body and weight loss journey, what other changes have you seen from SpeedFit?

Vanessa: In addition to the changes in my body shape, two significant shifts I noticed were enhanced posture and alleviation of back pain. Despite experiencing persistent lower back discomfort, SpeedFit brought about a pleasant surprise – an improvement in my posture and a reduction in back pain. This positive change can likely be attributed to the strengthening of my core muscles. Elevated energy levels, an unexpected surprise of my SpeedFit journey has been a remarkable increase in energy and an overall sense of vitality.


Q. What would you say to someone who is thinking about trying SpeedFit but hasn’t yet bitten the bullet and given it a try?

Vanessa: I would urge them to take the leap. It’s an opportunity to explore a fresh approach to fitness and possibly stumble upon a workout routine that resonates with them. We are all unique, and SpeedFit might just be the fitness journey your body has been seeking! Embrace the Journey: It’s completely natural to feel a bit apprehensive or unsure when embarking on something novel. Embracing the journey, having faith in the process, and giving it a fair chance can pave the way to rewarding results.​

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