“I’m grateful to have lost the weight and I have achieved this without putting my body under strain during the process.”

Client Q&A – Vanessa | SpeedFit Kotara

Meet Vanessa, an inspirational client at our Kotara studio who has transformed her life, losing 53kg since she began her SpeedFit journey. Anxious about attending traditional gyms, Vanessa has found the private personal training sessions and personalised fitness routines to be the perfect solution for not only her physical health, but mental health, too. 

We chat to Vanessa about her incredible experience at SpeedFit so far.

Tell us a little about yourself, Vanessa.

Vanessa: I am a workaholic beauty therapist, business boss lady, mother of three gorgeous kids, and a wife to my loving and supportive husband. In my very little spare time I enjoy trail riding out in Medowie with a friend and her horses, beaching it with the family and dogs, LOVE camping, and we enjoy exploring Newcastle still as we’ve only been here since 2020 from Bathurst and there is so much to do and see here! 

How long have you been doing SpeedFit?

Vanessa: I have been doing it for 2 years now and don’t plan on stopping. 

What do you love about SpeedFit the most?

Vanessa: The team first and foremost! They are relatable, helpful, kind and I’ve never felt judged or out of place at any point. I struggle with anxiety and going into standard gyms so I like the fact that there is limited amount of people working out at one time and the vibe of the studio is so bright and pleasant, they’ve really nailed the overall aesthetic so it doesn’t feel like a standard gym, it’s almost homely it’s that comfortable.

What would you say you like most about your trainers and how have they supported you during your journey?

Vanessa: They haven’t ever judged me about my weight – my heaviest when I started was 120kg. And they haven’t judged me at my lowest weight of 67kg. They have treated me the same the whole time. I have always felt comfortable with all of the staff throughout my journey. They have pushed me to be the best physical version of myself without unnecessary pressure and I can’t thank them enough for their knowledge along the way, even when my muscles ached for days.

What surprised you about SpeedFit?

Vanessa: I didn’t realise technology like this was accessible to the public!! I only ever knew it was being used for professional athletes. When I had someone tell me about it and the trial offer they had running, I knew I needed to try it out to see how I would go. It was incredible that the EMS technology made a 20 minute workout equivalent to a 2+hour at a gym! Like they say –  work out smarter not harder. I really love that they cater to families also because quite often I need to take my kids with me. This is also a great standout point because my kids can handle the short 20 minute workout. Being young, they get restless after about 30 minutes so I can work out without the stress or guilt!

What do you think the common misconceptions are with SpeedFit and EMS training?

Vanessa: The thoughts that crossed my mind and the questions I asked when I started was: Can it electrocute me? I quickly learned that’s impossible. I also wanted to know if it could impact my nervous and/or lymphatic system and Amy ran me through the technology behind and put me at ease with it. I’m not sure what other people might think of it but now I have a much better understanding of it. I’m grateful to have lost the weight and I have achieved this without putting my body under strain during the process.

Besides the changes in your body, what other changes have you seen from SpeedFit?

Vanessa: My mental health has improved during my journey. I did stop it for an 8 week timeframe due to a surgery and in that time I found I struggled and really looked forward to getting back to SpeedFit! I’m happy I’ve found a place that I look forward to going to for fitness that doesn’t feel unnatural or self-pressured!

What would you say to someone who is thinking about trying SpeedFit?

Vanessa:​ Go for a trial, it’s worth it! Not only will you benefit from saving hours in a standard gym to get the same results, you’ll also gain professional and personal relationships with the staff and other clients, and you’ll be a part of a support network who will all root for your success! It’s a great little community at SpeedFit! 

I could write about this place for days, tell everyone all the wonderful things about it but I highly recommend you come and experience it for yourself and do more than one trial. After the first one I wasn’t sure about the sensation of it and my settings were so low! Now, they have my settings high because I personally like to challenge myself and try to achieve PB’s each time. 

I’m so happy I stuck with it and put the effort in because now the end result is that I’m finally happy with my body after 53kg lost. My body continues to tone up thanks to the team and technology of EMS. 

Thank you to Amy, Brigitte, James and Nate for helping me achieve these goals!

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