I saw an ad in the local paper and liked the idea of something quick! The science around it just made sense to me and as I wanted to improve my level of fitness and build muscle – I thought I’d give it a try!

I started at the Claremont studio as soon as it opened and have been going once or twice per week ever since…I think that’s almost 6 years now.

I now have an underlying level of fitness that is easy to retain with very little time involved.  I am happy to exercise and do other things too, but by doing SpeedFit I know if I don’t have time for any other exercise I will still have that base level.

The first training session was a little unusual but it didn’t take long to get used to it.  I like the variety of the sessions but also that it produces results each time – I like having that sore muscle feeling after each session – telling me I’ve worked hard and will reap the benefits.  I also like that you can work harder when you are feeling well, or take it a little easier if you’re not.  Also, if you have any injuries these can easily be accommodated which means it’s rare that you have to miss a session.

Although it wasn’t my main goal, I did lose some weight but by having a good base of muscle, I burn extra calories and have been able to keep it off! I also like doing the body scans to see the improvements that I’ve made and to encourage me to get back on track if I need to.

I’d definitely recommend everyone to give SpeedFit a go.  Especially if you’re time poor or just want a backup training session to support your other chosen fitness regime.  It’s quick and gets results and you can always fit it into a busy schedule. I’d recommend doing at least three sessions before you decide as the first one or two can be a little unusual compared to other exercise that you might be used to.  My top tip is to push yourself even though it feels weird at first. It’s great to wake the next day and feel the results of the session in your sore muscles.

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