You may have heard of the EMS training fitness revolution sweeping the globe, and been curious about trying it yourself. Here at SpeedFit, our cutting-edge, low-impact smarter workout using EMS training has been featured on Channel 7’s Today Tonight and Channel 9 News, giving thousands of Australians a deeper, more effective workout than conventional gym routines in a fraction of the time.

If you’re used to slogging the hard yards and long hours in the gym, and workouts based on “no pain, no gain” attitudes, you might be astonished to hear about the SpeedFit system, which helps you to keep in shape in only 20 minutes per week. In a time when we’re inundated by “quick fixes” that don’t work, you may feel skeptical. Sounds too good to be true? The good news is, the scientific research pans out: EMS training is a smart, effective way to keep fit, reduce pain and look and feel your best.

Here’s a summary of what researchers have discovered about this exciting technology.

1. Less body fat.

Scientific American cites an exciting 2015 study from the Sunmoon University and Cheongju University in South Korea, which explores the effects of high-frequency current therapy on the abdominal obesity levels of young women. 22 women with abdominal obesity participated, and significant results were found in terms of reduced waist circumference, abdominal obesity rate, subcutaneous fat mass, and body fat percentage.

With abdominal obesity being a risk factor for diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, high blood pressure and many more disease states, being able to improve your waist measurements can be of great benefit to your health.

2. Reduced pain.

Researchers at the University of Bayreuth in Germany carried out a study to find out how EMS training impacts back pain, with 49 employees of the university participating in the study. The results speak for themselves:

  • 89% of participants noticed a reduction in back pain, 39% of those felt a drastic reduction in back pain
  • 61% of the participants felt an improvement in their overall condition, 76% said that their mood improved, 69,4% noticed an increase in vitality
  • 57% of the male participants and 86% of the female participants observed better body stability

Why such great results? Firstly, EMS training is a low-impact workout without weights, so your risk of injury is reduced. Next, EMS technology creates an “all-or-nothing” principle to muscle contractions: when you use EMS against your skin, your muscle either fully contracts in response, or doesn’t contract at all. If your muscle doesn’t contract, your trainer will turn up the frequency of the current until your muscle does contract. This makes it easier to engage even hard-to-find muscles to their full extent, helping you build your core strength, reduce pain and live your best life.

3. A stronger, fitter body.

Further research from the University of Bayreuth aimed to assess whether EMS could have a positive impact on body strength, body wellness and overall health. 134 people (102 female and 32 male) at an average age of 42.5 years participated in the study.

82% of the participants noticed a relief in back pain, 30% of those were free of pain. At the beginning of the training, 40% of them had complained about chronic pain. Furthermore, the maximum body strength of the participants increased by 12% and their endurance by 69%. There were no notable changes in the control group.

Another research study, from the German University of Sport in Cologne, compared classical methods of strength training to the dynamic full-body EMS training in regards to strength and speed; participants engaged in EMS training achieved a significant increase in both strength and speed. The study concluded that the EMS training methodology had proven highly effective in terms of increasing strength and speed.

So now that you’ve seen the science behind SpeedFit, you’re probably keen on coming down, meeting our friendly team and giving EMS training a try! We’d love to see you for a free initial consultation at one of our many Perth and Sydney studios, so contact us today, or check out our current promotions. And of course, while the scientific results of SpeedFit are fascinating, we’d also love to share the “human touch” of lives we’ve been able to change – check out how SpeedFit has helped Rae & Ken, Linda Jane, Paul, and many more!

We’re looking forward to helping you be your best!