We first came across SpeedFit after watching a feature on SpeedFit EMS training and its benefits on Channel 7’s Today Tonight. The program got us very interested, so we decided to find out more and made contact with the Northbridge studio the next day.

I needed to get healthier and, of course, to lose some weight! I was finding it difficult to walk about, was getting very tired and didn’t want to go anywhere. For the both of us, our weight/health was having a significant impact on the quality of our lives and we decided we needed to do something about it. This just seemed like such an easy, yet effective solution to our problem.

We loved SpeedFit right from the start. Strange as it may sound, EMS feels quite nice even at higher intensities; a bit strange at first but you get used to it very quickly and even enjoy the intensity of it. It’s unlike anything else we’ve done before.

I have been to normal gyms before but hated it. But SpeedFit is great.

With the 20min weekly sessions and some supplements, I have already lost some weight and I’m feeling better than I did before.

So far, I have lost 8kg and I feel good: I feel better in myself, and I think I am getting stronger. My husband, David, has done even better as he has so far lost 14 kg and 10 cm off of his waist.

You asked if there was anything that I DISLIKE about SpeedFit, but there is literally nothing to dislike – at least for me there isn’t. We’ve been very consistent in our training and we are very happy with ourselves for continuing with it.

It’s easy to like my SpeedFit sessions because of the friendly trainers, and also that you are not in a gym with lots of other people. This is more personal; there are only two of us at a time and the trainers are very caring and helpful.

We certainly intend to continue training at SpeedFit for a long time. It’s quick, easy & convenient, yet still effective and fun to do. It’s just a no-brainer for us 🙂

Shiela & David Cargin (73 years old)

MEASUREMENTS (before/now)


  • Waist: 118.5 cm – 110.0 cm
  • Chest: 114.5 cm – 107.5 cm
  • Buttocks: 116.5 cm – 110.0 cm
  • Thigh: 50.0 cm – 46.5 cm
  • Arm: 32.5 cm – 28.7 cm


  • Waist: 130.0 cm – 120.4 cm
  • Chest: 127.5 cm – 116.0 cm
  • Buttocks: 121.0 cm – 109.0 cm
  • Thigh: 58.0 cm – 52.0 cm
  • Arm: 37.0 cm – 34.5 cm