By Bachar Skayni

If you haven’t heard about EMS training – you are missing out on one of the most efficient and trending training methods available within the fitness industry! SpeedFit has been taking the Australian market by storm and the feedback is pretty amazing. But where did this technology come from? What is it about and how are we using it today in our studios?

The use of electrotherapy to treat human conditions and diseases dates back to the 1700s where electric shocks were used in an attempt to treat mental conditions. A few years later, Luigi Galvani, a pioneer in the field of electrophysiology discovered how to activate a dead frog’s muscles by using an external electric pulse (stay with us, it gets good we promise!) Since then, electrotherapy forged its way within the medical field and was extensively used in physiotherapy to treat different physiological conditions. The technology then progressed from a local stimulation to a whole-body electro muscular stimulation (WB-EMS) where several muscle groups are activated simultaneously. Today, WB-EMS is an innovative, time-efficient, joint-friendly and closely supervised form of exercise widely used in the fitness world.

I mean, what is not to like? A 30 minute appointment, where you come in, change, suit up, go through the prepared routine with your trainer, break a sweat, have a protein shake, then head home or back to work! That’s it, your workout for the day completed. And the cherry on top? You only need to do this once or twice a week! 

Is it magic you might ask? Not really! As you now know, WB-EMS activates different muscle groups and reaches deep tissue all at once. It acts on the skeletal muscles’ voluntary contraction and boosts its activity at the neuromuscular junctions. This technology, combined with different exercise principles, creates a powerful tool that can target your muscles, build up strength, increase power and maximise your body’s productivity during a workout. It also improves blood circulation, the body’s metabolism, and general mobility due to the full-body nature of the workout.

So how does SpeedFit fit into the equation? SpeedFit brought WB-EMS to Australia in 2013 and since then, we’ve been developing our training methods and the way we use WB-EMS to better serve our community. 

We created two different types of workouts; SpeedFit cardio and SpeedFit strength. How do they differ? How can you make the best out of them? We have you covered!

Let us start with our classic (and most popular program), the SpeedFit strength program. 20 minutes of full body contractions, depleting deep and superficial muscles, holding static positions, using different equipment to engage even more muscle chains… almost feeling that burning sensation! The strength session allows you to build up your muscle mass, tone your muscles, and boost your metabolism. It helps you burn more energy daily, improve your posture, ease joint pain, and shape your body. It is a great way of improving your fitness level and overall well-being.

Now onto the newly born cardio program! SpeedFit cardio is fast-paced, fun and energizing workout. Follow your trainer, enjoy the rhythm and burn those extra calories! This program helps you improve your blood flow and lymph circulation, regulates your energy levels,  cleans toxins out of your body, and gets you a step closer to your fitness goals and objectives. 

We’ve created these two programs to go side by side throughout the week. Together, they work on your muscular strength and endurance, cardiorespiratory endurance, flexibility,  joints’ range of motion, and metabolic rate. They offer a balanced training schedule enough to put you back on track and improve your health, fitness and overall well being. Lasting less than thirty minutes each, you are one hour away from that Summer body you always wanted. Give them a try and let us know what you think. We are sure you’ll love it!

Bachar is Health Promotion and Training Coordinator here at SpeedFit. He is a qualified Physiotherapist and has a Masters in Public Health.​