Meet Jill, a client from SpeedFit Tuggerah

Jill is an avid golfer who experienced issues with lower back pain for years. Her pain eventually became debilitating, impacting her golf game and impeding her daily activities. Looking for a solution, Jill found SpeedFit.

“I went in skeptical as I go to a gym twice a week for strength training and play golf twice a week. I suffer from lower back pain especially at golf. I spoke to Vanessa and said I was more interested in helping my back and would continue if it helped.

WOW, even after the first session my whole body felt great! I have no lower back pain or issues in my back anymore.”

With just one SpeedFit session a week, Jill has been able to get her golf game back on track, and no longer has to worry about back pain getting in her way!

“I go once a week and I absolutely love it! Overall, I feel better, fitter and stronger!”

Lower back pain, muscle imbalance and postural issues are common problems for golfers. SpeedFit’s low impact, time-efficient EMS training is highly beneficial in these areas. SpeedFit is easy on the joints but highly targeted for muscle development, with 24 electrodes each stimulating a major muscle group. Our training is highly customisable, and our Symbiont Tec Suits can target stimulation to the muscles that need it the most.

“I would recommend you give it a try. You won’t know what it’s like until you do. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain!”

Like Jill, you can supercharge your swing with SpeedFit!